How I fell in love with the Marais

janvier 6, 2016
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When I was a little girl, I was curious about everything. Adults were often ill at ease not having answers to all my questions. My curiosity was a pain for them. But not for me : it pushed me to look for adventures in my district, there were so many things to discover !

We were living in an old historical district. At that time I was not aware of how incredible the place was: cobblestoned streets, parcs, green hills, renaissance church with golden domes. A fairy tale !

Good girls played with dolls and got back home in neat dresses. I was a bad one, I ran on the roofs, played war with boys, my cloths were in a disastrous state, my knees covered in bruises, my grandmother was shaking her head.

I remember very well the day some of the old buildings on the hills were going to be pulled down as their state were not considered secure any more. People were relocated in emergency. The area was protected by a tape. This only incited me to get inside.

I will never forget the moment I stepped inside the first room. I understood that something inexplicable and overpowering happened to me.

On seeing all those objects people left in a rush, books, photos, gramophone, scattered on the ground i got a butterfly feel in my chests : a passion towards old objects was born in me. Objects with a story, with a soul, objects which belonged to someone.

Was I excited !

Since that day I become a « past addict », you will never see me reading books or watching the films about the future but you can certainly meet me in the antiquity shop.

It’s only natural that when I found myself first in the Marais I felt immediately that it was my district. It was love at first sight. I could come there in the morning and stay the whole day wondering who lived behind this door ? Were they happy ? Where they in love ? What they dreamed about ?

Not to be separated from my beloved district I became a guide in the Marais.

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