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juin 5, 2014
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When reading the morning newspaper in the metro, I noticed an advert in the dating column that particularly moved me.

“My name is Mary, I am 76, I am a widow, a coquette and energetic.  I am 5 ft. 09 and I am very slim. I love life, I love to go out, whether it is to the cinema, the Theater, I love going on romantic dinners and out dancing…. I would like to meet a man, single or widower; between the ages of 68 and 70, with whom to share the happiest moments in life. If you’re not serious, refrain from contacting me’”

When I first arrived in France, I was surprised that elderly people actually live here. By « live » I don’t mean shopping or watching TV.  What I mean by ‘live’  is that they go out, take theater and dance lessons, find a nice place at a terrace and sip their glass of wine whilst enjoying a cigarette. And they love it!

On top of all, Mary is looking for a guy younger that her!


I love this ! Now I understand why people in France live to be older than100 years old.

When I saw the advert, I thought of my grandmother who was busy taking care of her children and grand children… Grocery shopping, take them from one place to the next, cooking, cleaning… Should she have quit all those pans and duties and fallen in love instead?

Hey, give up everything and hurry! It’s time to live and to love!

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