True love doesn’t fade despite one dog bite

novembre 1, 2016
dog fb

I have always been crazy about dogs. I mean, nothing against other animals, but I love only dogs.

When I was a little girl I would pet them, give them the food my grandmother cooked for our family, and often even brought stray dogs home to play with (that is, until my grandmother noticed).

One day, when I was around 3 or so, I saw a dog in front of my house, so I kneeled down and was about to give it my usual, little hug when the dog bit me on the face. It is hard to describe the shock I felt. My face didn’t hurt on the outside, but on the inside I felt hurt, even if I wasn’t able to articulate it. or the very first time in my life I felt truly betrayed.

Later my grandmother told me that I cried all night asking her over and over « Grandma, why? Why did he bite me? I only wanted to give him a hug. »

Many years have passed since that day. However, some people like me don’t always learn the lessons life tries to teach them.

I still stop on the street and give hugs to all the dogs I like. Not because I am foolish, but because true love doesn’t fade despite one dog bite.

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