The Seine. A true love story.

juin 25, 2014

Under the Mirabeau Bridge there flows the Seine

And our love

Must I recall,

Joy always followed sorrow

Comes the night sounds the hour

The days go by and I remain

Hand in hand rest face to face

While underneath

The bridge of our arms there races

So weary a wave of eternal gazes

 ‘Mirabeau Bridge’ – Apollinaire (1912)



It’s been raining in Paris and I wanted to write something nice, something about love, for example. I will write about the Seine out of woman solidarity. Everybody says: “Paris is a city of lights », « Paris is the most romantic city in the word », « To see Paris and die »…Paris, Paris… and only few people speak about Seine.

It’s not fair, I don’t like injustice!

So, what about the Seine?

People say that if you want to see all the beauty of Paris, you should have a boat trip on the Seine. I partially agree with this. But I believe that Paris is so different, so eclectic and so full of secrets that to see everything you should stay there for some time, be eager to climb onto the roofs of hotels and monuments, to go down in the metro, catacombs and other underground passages, to go down by the river, take a bus, a car and to walk, to walk… as if your feet can take you anywhere.

Paris is worthy of a mass. The Seine is worthy of love and poetry. I would compare her to a good actor in a secondary role, which supports the more important role that the city of Paris itself plays, and enables it to be better appreciated. What a wise woman the Seine is!

Anyway, when people feel like saying « I love you », or  « Will you marry me? », they often go down to the banks of the river Seine……She inspires lovers :)

Paris is masculine, the Seine is feminine; all the conditions for a good marriage are here. Somewhere one can hear the accordion, and thousands of love locks that secretly hold someone’s love story shine under the summer sun.

Fall in love and come to Paris to declare your love on the Mirabeau bridge…



*the picture by Anh Bach



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