Hey there, fashion victims! The sales are coming to Paris!

June 23, 2014

If, on occasions like birthdays, or Christmas or the New Year, we buy presents mostly to please our close ones and to show them how much we love them, the period of sales is kind of an obligation, a must-do. Whether one wants it or not – one has to go shopping….

For every respectful Parisian girl the sales is a red-letter day on her calendar even if she knows it better than her birthday:)

It seems that she has everything: enough shoes, enough dresses, enough accessories… but a small evil creature is whispering into her ear: “Remember that small red cocktail dress you tried on at “Les petites”? And those high heels by Laboutin? They were irresistible…”

The working day is spoiled! You try to get to the end of it as soon as possible, and get to the shops as soon as possible….Paris is BIG! The shops are numerous…The sales are real!

Even if you only need a few items, once inside you become a victim of the overwhelming shopping madness, the short term illness that makes you buy either the stuff you need, the stuff you could definitely live without and the stuff you simply don’t need at all.

Those who suffer from more severe forms of shopping madness buy even smaller or bigger sizes which they would never even wear, and these victims are aware of it in the very moment they type the code of their credit card into the machine.

“Put it back” – their reason says. “Too late I’ve already paid,- the frantic victim answers.”




Well, girls, open your calendars and make a note of the sales dates in Paris: from 25 June 2014 until 29 July 2014!

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