Quote by a Parisian icon‬. Coco Chanel

June 2, 2014

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” – ‪#‎Coco‬ ‪#Chanel‬

Coco #Chanel – a legendary #Parisian, a great woman and a ‪#‎fashion ‬icon.

Words to describe her: Overwhelming, Huge, Unstoppable!

What did she do?


– enabled women to wear trousers (they could finally run!)

– created a “petite robe noir” (the little black dress) a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe

– suggested fake accesssories to go with her minimalist clothes

– created the Chanel Suit (which Jackie ‪#‎Kennedy‬ wore on the day her husband was assassinated).

– created the Chanel N°5 perfume best promoted by ‪#‎Marilyn‬ ‪#‎Monroe ‬who, to a journalist asking what she wore to bed, responded “Channel N° 5, of course”, a statement that drove Andy #Warhol up the wall.


Her adresses in ‪#‎Paris‬: Hotel Ritz Place ‪#‎Vendôme‬ & 31 Rue Cambon

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