The Marais in summer

July 20, 2016

A bit of classical music in an old courtyard in the Marais

Some days ago, I attended an open air concert of classical music. It took place in the courtyard of one of the historic family mansions in the Marais. I was exhausted after a long day working and quickly stopped home to shower and change. As I was late, I took a taxi but had to run the last few meters to the mansion since the street was closed to cars (just my luck!)

Boy was I happy to find a seat and collapse onto a chair !

It took them some time to start and I began to regret coming. I was checking my email when the sound of violins started to echo through my body. When I lifted my head, everything seemed to have surrendered to the music: the horses carved into the building’s facade appeared to gallop to the rhythm and the small birds etched there seemed to flit about the stage as seagulls shrieked overhead and planes drew white lines on a blue square of the sky above our heads.

I felt both sad and happy at the same time. I felt truly alive.

The concerts are organized by the Orchestre de chambre de Paris. To check the program and to buy tickets :




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