Discovery of the Marais district . Walking tour, cheese & wine tasting

November 1, 2014

Why you’ll love this

  • Lovely stroll
  • Visit of secret places
  • Stories and anecdotes
  • Intimate and friendly atmosphere
  • Exploration of the French art of living & Parisian way of life
  • Private exquisite wine and cheese tasting


Length: 5 hours 
Included: walking tour, cheese&wine tastings
Group size*: max 6
Availability: Every day
Meeting point **
Cancellation: 100% refund up to 48 hours before your tour
Reservation: BOOK NOW


For my private tour the prices will be calculated as fairly as possible depending on the number of people (your family & friends only) and the season. I will confirm you the best offer within the shortest possible time after I receive your request.


Early booking is strongly advised in order to guarantee more availabilities.
* unless it is a family
** I can pick you up at the hotel or another place on request

About the Marais district

Taking a few steps down the loud and very busy Rue de Rivoli is all it takes to find yourself in a new dimension and a new neighborhood: the Marais. Here times seems to stop, and when going through the medieval streets you can still hear the echoes from the times of the Templars. When looking at the 16th century houses and residences, it’s easy to imagine yourself as a French aristocrat arriving into the courtyard in a carriage… And for a short moment it will seem like a door is about to open, and Madame de Sévigné is about to walk out to welcome you.”

With each street turning, you will be shown many features of Parisian life, past and present and, little by little, you will begin to gain insights into the French, past and present.

You will learn why le Marais may be the best starting point for anyone who wants to grasp some fundamentals in Parisian architecture. You will learn Baron Haussmann’s rôle in the making of Paris the way it is today; what he did and perhaps, more importantly in this context, what he didn’t do! You will never see Paris the same way again but through different eyes and with greater awareness.

There will be moments during this Delicious Paris experience that will be exceptionally moving when you learn the links between this part of Paris and the Second World War. These events need to be always kept in our memory.

Small parks, statues, houses, stairwells, courtyards and even timber-framed buildings all add to the uniqueness of this event. Here will be an anecdote to put it all in context. They may make you laugh or smile, but you will certainly never be bored! You will not linger on any place for very long but just enough to allow you to add each gem to the whole picture through this travel in time.

Cheese and wine-tasting

And, finally, last but not least, and perhaps the icing on the cake for some, you will be invited to Myriam’s bistro. Myriam will open it especially and only for you. This is when the real gourmet experience begins. Myriam, a restauranteur, will tell you about the history of French cheeses and she will give you a background to French wines in her own unimitable style. In English and using subtleties, she will describe the wines you will be tasting and she will tell you why a cheese goes particularly well with a certain wine. Much experimenting will awaken your tastebuds and, it can be guaranteed that you will never taste wines in the same way again after your time spent with Myriam. Your knowledge of French cheeses will also be so much richer..;you may even go on to impress friends at dinner parties after this.

If you are lucky, you may even get to visit the cellar of this very old, classic Parisian bistro.

To sum up

A unique experience for lovers of Paris and French life. You will have learnt so much more about the French art of savoir-vivre in this Delicious Paris experience. What’s more, you will have become a confirmed lover of French life !

La vie est belle à Paris !

Tour in pictures:

maillol integral

Cheese, wine & smiles




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