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The Punt or the Kick-Up or the “Bottom of the Bottle

September 18, 2014

The bottom of the bottle: nowadays, all bottles have a flat bottom or an indentation. An indented bottom, which professionals call a punt, ensures the stability of the bottle so it does not wobble when it is standing. Bottles of Champagne and other sparkling wines have a deep punt. According to traditional winemaking methods, sparkling wine bottles are put upside down. The neck is placed downward, one on top of the other. For still wines, that is to say without bubbles, there is no need for such storage. Those wine bottles therefore can have a flat bottom, yet most bottles today continue to have this kick-up, or « dimple ». The two reasons for this are: 1) a 75 centiliter bottle then appears to have a larger capacity, and 2) the hollowed bottom of the bottle  provides a better grip for serving wine, as the thumb can then take support there.


*Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

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