Dinner in heaven …..

June 15, 2014

Do you think it is possible for ordinary people like you and me to find ourselves in heaven? (No, no, you don’t need to die :), you don’t have to be a saint neither…)

Tonight I was in heaven. Everything was white. I saw hundreds of white angels having a gourmet feast at white tables on the bridges of the Seine. From afar, they resembled  beautiful butterflies which spread their fine wings and dispersed across the ground…

The brides seemed to be covered with small white points like an impressionist painting… (considering the proximity of  le Musee d’Orsay ).

The bridges of the Seine – is the most romantic setting in Paris …. almost like heaven….the setting is extremely important.




You can look at the angles, take photos of them or become an angel yourself. The last one is the most difficult as the event that brings together thousands of angels has become so  popular that to be a guest you should know a person who has been a guest in previous years. Just like every decent «thing» in Paris, « Le Dinner en Blanc* » (the name of the event)  is overbooked !!!








«Le Diner en Blanc » reminds me of a conspiracy theory : some months before the event people desperately try to know the date of the event, they also try to find somebody who could invite them to dinner, and finally on D-day, the participants wait until the last minute  to know  where the event will take place as it is also kept a secret.

To resume, you are lucky if you are friends with Sherlock Holmes who could be helpful in getting the information 🙂



Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 4.44.18 PM



Tonight  I was in heaven. Tonight I was in Paris.


*Learn more about Diner en blanc:

What is it: The direct translation from French into English of « Diner en blanc » is «Dinner in white ».

It’s called « Diner en blanc /Dinner in white » because people who participate in this elegant flashmob have to be dressed all in white and have white accessories. That’s how they recognise each other. “Diner en blanc” was designed for couples: man/woman.

The dinner is very codified, and celebrates friendliness and French elegance.

Interesting fact: It has never rained in 26 years during the “Le Diner en blanc”!

Location: Every year a new beautiful prestigious Parisian location is chosen. For 26 years, “Le diner en blanc” was held in such mythical and emblematic places like Le jardin de Tuileries, la Place des Vosges, La Place de la Concorde, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Trocadero, and the “parvis de Notre-Dame”.

The equipment: Every participant must take a table, chairs, plates, chandeliers and his….dinner.

Conspiracy: Only about 20 minutes before the event are the participants informed about the location.

Philosophy: «Come as you are !». There is no prejudice related to the participants’ social/racial/religious/political background.

Dinner’s values : elegance, gallantry, secrecy, sharing…

How to participate: This year, “Le Diner en Blanc” celebrated its 26 anniversary. The event has become so popular that the number of those who would like to participate  is increasing every year. There are no registration system nor waiting list. In order to participate one must be sponsored by somebody who already participated in previous years and is already on the list.

The story : “Le dinner en blanc” was created by a Parisian named François Pasquier and his close epicurean friends who dreamed of having dinner in the open air in Paris’ most beautiful settings. At the age of 40 Francois Pasquier left for French Polynesia. At his return, to reconnect with his friends, he decided to invite them for dinner to share what everybody had been doing for the previous 3 years…

One day François Pasquier was driving through Le Bois de Boulogne and saw some people dressed in elegant clothes, wearing hats, who were having their pic-nic. He very much liked the idea of serene dining in a beautiful location with an elegant dress code and thus organised the dinner for his friends in the same way. The dinner was such a success that even more friends were invited the time after that, and one day this private event became a flashmob. That’s how « Diner en blanc » was born.

Every year the “ Dinner en Blanc” brings together about 11 000 couples.

Last news: On the 14th of June, the dinner was held on 6 bridges of Paris, including the one at Concorde, Alexander III and Iena. The setting, the wonderful weather and an idyllic sunset provided for beautiful views.



Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.32.59 AM



Le diner en blanc is an event Breveté. ‘Dinners in white’ will also take place in the next few weeks in Tel Aviv (end of June), in Los Angeles, in Kuala Lumpur, in Miami (in December)…

Strong point: It is as exciting as a treasure hunt or other track games, because the attendees hold an active role in the planning of the event

Weak point : the idea of creating the “Dinner en blanc” was really great but with time the event has become a “ closed club of privileged” and for those who don’t know any previous participants or organizers there is no chance to have dinner in heaven! It would be great if the list of participants changed every year to respect at least one of the event’s values: sharing.


 #Le Dinner en blanc is a must of Parisian refinement and sophistication, a very chique picnic.


























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