Opera on the streets of Paris

May 24, 2014

Let’s imagine what a Parisian could get up to on the weekend…

He could wake up at 11 am, then have a late brunch at a fancy Parisian terace he had booked a table at 2 weeks earlier…. He would be surrounded by people having overslept, whose swollen and tired eyes are hidden beneath a fashionable pair of sunglasses…

This type of morning and late Parisian brunch is quite predictable… As is the early afternoon nap – or ‘sieste’ – that follows!

And I assure you, we have no objections to late brunches and naps!

But Delicious Paris likes unusual weekends. Actually, it took a little trip to the Opera this Saturday. It was breathtaking!

Paris has always been considered a magic city where everything is possible and where all dreams come true…

What Delicious Paris loves particularly about Paris is its open-mindedness. The city is always eager to welcome and host any kind of projects and fun ideas onto its streets, in its cafés and bars, in its art centres…

Whilst walking through the streets of Paris, I am sure you have come across musicians, actors, artists, singers, dancers, exposing their art to the public.

But have you ever watched a free Opera performance on the street?!

Delicious Paris would be happy to share such an experience with you.

Well, I don’t know whether the official Opera house ‘Palais Garnier’ is keen on this project, but Delicious Paris likes to think that art must be accessible and free for everyone.  Unfortunately, it is true that not all people can afford a place for the Opera, not to mention the fact that these places run out at a very fast speed!

Saïté Chen, for example, is a pianist who regularly plays  on a mobile piano. He is accompanied by young singers of the Parisian music schools – or

conservatoires – and they offer wonderful Opera performances every Saturday in various streets of Paris! What a delight!


“Figaro here Figaro there”, Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to  ‘Le Mariage de Figaro’, or ‘The Follies of a Day’!


Do come and meet them next Saturday!



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