Premiere in the Marais: a 3-day fair on sustainable development at the “Espace des Blancs manteaux”, Rue Vieille du Temple…

May 25, 2014

“Sustainability”, “Solidarity” and “Ethics” were the three principles that guided the 3-day fair in the heart of the Marais.

Its mottos is “to live, to think, to consume and to produce better”.

This fair gives you the opportunity to meet small artisans from different regions of France who care about our planet, people’s health and the quality of their products. From this you will guess that everything is organic!

And you’re lucky, the fair is still on until the 25th of May, so hurry up!

Don’t miss an opportunity to taste all these enticing products, not to mention a wide array of different attractive sections: interior decoration, which in French is also called “Art de vivre” = the Art of living (spot the difference?), beauty products, clothes for adults and for kids.

That said, Delicious Paris was particularly attracted to the fair’s delicious experiences… and was far from disappointed!

Here’s what you’ll have the chance to taste and see if you do decide to venture out to the fair.

Stall N1: Getting to taste the bestorganic cheeses, breads, juices, all accompanied with a natural smile in a lovely atmosphere…




2014-05-24 13.25.15


Flavours from ‘Haute Normandie’ and neighbouring regions: I could appreciate sourdough bread with a tender slice fresh goat’s cheese…


You can buytheir products on their online grocery store:


Stall N2: You will also have the chance to taste some of the best RAW chocolate …

“I am not a chocolatier à la base” says a blue-eyed man with a hypocrite smile of an “amateur” who did better than the professional chocolate makers, and he knows it.

Then, the tempter innocently opens a small box of velvet chocolates in front of me, and I say to myself that I can postpone my diet program to the following week.


Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 8.57.03 AM


I surrendered and put a chocolate in my mouth.


He explains to me that he doesn’t roast cocoa beans and that that’s why the chocolate is raw… as he says this, his masterpiece is melting on my tongue…



2014-05-24 13.54.09

2014-05-24 13.53.16



2014-05-24 13.54.41



Raw means “cru” in French, an adjective that the French usually use for wine. The expression “grand cru” means “a vineyard producing wine of high quality”.

I confirm that Rraw chocolate is a truly “grand cru”!

Here’s where you can buy this chocolate: http://www.

Stall N3. No milk but a lot of honey:)


2014-05-24 13.41.53


2014-05-24 13.40.51


Here’s where you can buy this product:


Stall N4. Dried fruits & Candy from all over the world


2014-05-24 13.30.49

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.19.37 AM



I am not an expert in organic food and would certainly struggle with having to to tell an organic cheese from a non-organic one 🙁

However, what I do know is that the “quality” of stallholders was at its highest:

They were welcoming, smily, outgoing and sincere…


In Paris, the city of Love, love and smiles don’t happen too often:(



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